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The Truth


We built this site to put our heads above the parapet. It may be a little close to the bone in places, but what we do is anything but the norm. The truth is that there are a lot of businesses out there that want your money without really taking the time to understand that what they're supplying you isn't always the best thing for the planet or your brand. 

All too often, when you're buying products to support a campaign you'll be picking out of the same white-labelled brochure that most merchandise houses buy from. The same products, from the same factories - with little thought behind the long term effect of buying a plastic widget with a logo on - both on the integrity of the brand, or the environment it's produced in.

What we won't do is sell you a fidget spinner. What we will do is ensure that any factory we use is SEDEX compliant and treats its workers ethically. 

In conclusion, if you want traditional pitches that go heavy on features without saying a word about what it really delivers... we’re probably not for you.

If you want a team that will listen and understand your business, then we might be who you’re looking for. Contact us here.

In the meantime, here’s some of the things we do best:


We’ve been around. You’ll have seen our campaigns. It’s clear that merchandise needs to change so we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Everything we do is anything but throw-away. If you want to order 10,000 giveaway pens, you can trust us to challenge whether that’s right for the planet and your brand goals.

We’ll help you create meaningful and sustainable campaigns that grow your brand.


We tell it like it is. Whether we’re helping you audit your supply chain or we’re creating a sustainability plan for the future.

We’ll help deliver real change to meet your business goals sustainably.


We’re leading the movement to shift our industry to a more sustainable future.

We’re proving you don’t need to compromise on price and innovation when making better choices.

From our products to our ideas and relationships, everything we do is built to last.


For more details on ho we can help you with sustainability, or if you want to know how you're being lied to, contact us at or complete the form below.